Most Common Types of Ants in Alabama

What are Ants?

Ants are small social insects that invade our homes and commercial spaces from time to time. They are typically present in colonies and are hard to get rid of. With more than 12,000 types of ants present worldwide, they are found in all regions, specifically during the summer months. Ant species consist of males and queens, who are responsible for reproduction. The ants you typically notice carrying food are the queens who collect food and care for their young. Argentine ants and fire ants are commonly found in Alabama and can create trouble for the property’s residents. While Argentine ants are tiny and black, the fire ants are reddish-brown and cause immense pain if they sting. 

At NatureWise Pest Control, we use modern tools and equipment to exterminate all types of ants in Alabama from your homes and offices so that you can lead a safe, healthy, and peaceful life. 

Are Ants Dangerous?

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Ants are a typically harmless species that can invade our lives and cause trouble. Most ants, including Argentine, do not pose a risk to the safety of residents. However, they can get inside kitchen cabinets and food containers, spoiling the clean, preserved food. If ants invade your homes and you don’t notice, they can contaminate your food, posing a health risk if consumed. Fire ants commonly found in Alabama, however, can sting us and cause immense pain. The sting of a fire ant is poisonous, so it is vital to exterminate any fire ants found in your homes and offices. In addition, they can also damage electrical equipment, costing people large amounts of money. 

Removal of All Types of Ants in Alabama Homes and Offices

Why do I have an ant problem?

Ants are commonly found in areas across Alabama. While you can prevent them to some extent by cleaning your property thoroughly and ensuring no food leftovers are lying around, they can be inevitable during the summer months. Argentine ants are found in wet areas, while fire ants thrive in lawns under the sun. Since they are primarily attracted to food, it is essential to keep your surroundings squeaky clean to prevent ants from inhabiting your homes. 

How do I get rid of ants?

Getting rid of ants can be tricky without the help of a professional. Therefore, it is vital to call a professional exterminator team that has experience dealing with all types of ants in Alabama. As a professional, family-owned pest control business with more than fifty years of combined experience in the field, we are equipped with the tools and resources to exterminate ants from your homes and offices and ensure they do not return. We follow a simple two-step process that involves inspection and treatment to eradicate ants from your living spaces. 

How can I prevent ants in the future?

The best way to prevent future problems with ants is to partner with the professionals at NatureWise Pest Control. It is also important to implement and follow this prevention tip:

Cleaning your property thoroughly and mowing your lawns regularly will keep the ants at bay. You can also subscribe to us annually, and we will carry out regular inspections to ensure your house and commercial properties are free of ant infestations.