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NatureWise Pest Control is a small, family-owned business committed to leaving its mark on the community, by helping Alabama residents lead safe and healthy lives. With a combined fifty years of experience and extensive local knowledge, we are equipped with the skills and tools needed to fight and exterminate all kinds of pests commonly found in the region. We believe that workplaces are at their best when those inside are comfortable and relaxed. 

Being a Southern state that is prone to high temperatures during the summer, Alabama is no stranger to a wide variety of pests and critters. If they find their way inside your commercial building, they can wreak havoc, cause discomfort, harm your employees, and even damage inventory. We understand the risks posed by insect infestations, which is why we provide top-notch pest control Birmingham AL business owners can count on. 

When it comes to pest control Birmingham AL has many people you could call, but our team is trained to respond to situations immediately to prevent your property from getting damaged. The best part about working with us is that you are promised effective results. With our annual subscription, you are guaranteed the complete removal of any pests and critters on your property. If you continue to notice any bug-related activity after we are done rendering our services, all you have to do is give us a call, and we will schedule another appointment, free of charge.

Alabama is home to pests such as bed bugs, mosquitoes, rodents, termites, and much more. While these pests and critters are often harmless, many can pose a significant health risk at times. Rather than risk anyone’s health, it’s best to have the property cleared of pests.

Trustworthy Pest Control Services Birmingham Business Owners Need

Running a successful business can be a challenge when there are so many tasks to tend to. Our Birmingham pest control professionals can make this challenge easier for you. We will carry out regular inspections of your workspace to ensure it is free of all pests and critters. 

Some of the common pests found on commercial properties across Alabama include:

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Flies: Flies are common flying insects found everywhere. Typically, they are not dangerous for humans. However, they tend to sit on food, dead animals, and trash. Therefore, they can pass off harmful bacteria to humans. As the leaders in pest control services businesses recommend, we optimize the use of pesticides to make your office space free of flies.

Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are commonly found in Alabama. Similar to flies, they are not dangerous most of the time. However, disease-carrying mosquito vectors can spread viruses such as dengue and malaria. Therefore, it is vital to have your commercial property sprayed and inspected during the mosquito season to safeguard your employees.

Cockroaches: Labeled “unhygienic scavengers” by the World Health Organization, cockroaches pose a significant health risk to asthma patients and allergic people. While they are not dangerous for other groups, they carry bacteria and can cause illnesses if they remain on food. In addition, cockroaches cause severe discomfort and can hamper productivity in your office. For effective pest control services business owners can count on our team to employ practical tools and solutions that will exterminate any cockroaches entirely

Rodents: Rodents can enter the property and hide in the darkness of a warehouse or unused rooms in an office. They pose a severe risk to your inventory since they can damage it and render your goods useless. Therefore, it is crucial to have your office inspected by the best pest control company our city has to offer, as we are the exterminators who can ensure rodents are never able to invade your office.

Reliable Birmingham Pest Control for Commercial Properties

It is vital to ensure your commercial property is clean and well-maintained at all times. However, with so many tasks to tend to, having your office inspected for pests can get lost on your to-do list. When you want the best pest control Birmingham AL has to offer, our team is in your corner. You do not have to worry about pests festering in a deep, dark corner of your office. With our bi-monthly services and advanced solutions, your business is guaranteed to run smoothly without being interrupted by unwanted bug activity.

Hospitality: Our outstanding Birmingham exterminator team is well-trained and equipped to contain infestations in hospitality businesses. Hotel rooms are prone to infestations if they are not regularly cleaned and maintained correctly. Each member of our Birmingham pest control crew understands the significance of an infestation problem and how it can negatively affect your business. We respond quickly when you need us to remove pests from your property.

Healthcare: Hygiene is of utmost importance to the healthcare sector. Any pest infestation in a hospital or clinic can prove lethal to a patient’s life. Our Birmingham exterminator effectively removes each pest from every room and ensures no trace of any pest is left behind.

Daycare: Children grab and play with anything they come in contact with. All toys and equipment in a toddler’s reach must be clean and free of all germs. Our exterminators understand the significance of this job, which is why they ensure all traces of pests are removed from the daycare when we provide our services. We are the pest control service Birmingham AL daycare providers can trust to ensure the safety of the children under their supervision.

We are a leading pest control service Birmingham AL businesses always choose. Call or email our team today to learn more about the services that we offer.

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Our Commercial Pest Control Birmingham AL Offerings

A general pest control plan is a great choice to keep the most common Alabama pests out of your business. NatureWise Pest Control’s general pest control plans cover all general pests, including rodents. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service options. Our treatments include all common areas, the exterior perimeter, eaves, and porches, and typical hotspots, such as bathrooms, kitchens, plumbing, and also…..

Bed bug control: When bed bugs get into your business, they can quickly spread throughout the building and become difficult to contain. Our bed bug control service includes a free inspection and is done on a room-by-room basis. After treatment, a 30-day warranty goes into effect. If you find bed bugs are still present, we’ll return to re-treat the affected areas.

Mosquito control: If your business involves a lot of outdoor space, you may require our mosquito control services. These monthly treatments keep the mosquito populations under control on your property.

Snake control: If snakes are causing problems at your business, we offer a snake repellent application to keep them away from your building. Contact us to learn more about our other snake control options.

Gopher & mole control: Gophers and moles can destroy your outdoor areas. If your business is experiencing a problem, we offer smoking services that are very effective at solving your gopher and mole problems.

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