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What are crickets?

Crickets are insects that reside in moist and dark spaces such as basements. There are primarily two types of crickets, house crickets and field crickets. Field crickets are brown, while house crickets have three dark stripes on their heads. The majority of the crickets are nocturnal and harmless. However, they make chirping sounds and forage for food in your kitchen. With over fifty years of combined experience and extensive local knowledge, our team can eliminate any cricket in Alabama and ensure they do not return to your property. 

Are crickets dangerous?

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While crickets are harmless most of the time, the loud chirping noise produced by them can be frustrating. Similar to other pests, crickets can serve as vectors and carry diseases and bacteria, causing significant harm to the health of your loved ones. They can spread salmonella, produce flu-like symptoms in humans, and even excrete worms many people are allergic to.

Why do I have a cricket problem?

Crickets can be found in moist, dark areas with tall grass. They also seek refuge under appliances and in basements. They are also commonly attracted to fabrics like wool, leather, and cotton. Our exterminators are equipped with the tools and skills to exterminate any cricket in Alabama to ensure your property is safe and free of any unwanted sounds. 

We Will Help You Combat Any Cricket in Alabama

Where will I find crickets?

Crickets are found in moist areas, for example under your kitchen equipment, in the basement, or in areas of tall grass. Crickets can also be used as food for home pets and can find their way into your homes from your lawn. 

How do I get rid of crickets?

As a small, family-owned business, we are committed to ensuring the safety of all our valued customers. With more than fifty years of experience and extensive local knowledge, we are equipped with the tools and skills to eliminate crickets present on your property quickly and efficiently. We understand how frustrating a pest infestation can be, which is why we charge minimal rates without cutting any corners. In addition, we have partnered with the leading suppliers of pest control solutions to ensure our customers lead a safe, comfortable, and happy life. 

How can I prevent crickets in the future?

At NatureWise Pest Control, we promise our customers our safety and assurance. If you notice any bug activity after we have performed our services, all you have to do is contact us, and we will schedule another appointment. You can prevent cricket infestations by mowing your lawn regularly and ensuring it’s clean since crickets hide in tall grass areas. In addition, you must inspect your home to check for any holes or places through which crickets can enter, use dehumidifiers, ensure your attic is adequately ventilated, and use effective insecticides to keep crickets at bay. 

The best part about choosing NatureWise Pest Control as your trusted exterminators is that we leave no room for dissatisfaction. We’ll be there when you need us and get the job done right.

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